Roussillon, France


Roussillon, France,acrylic 30x30cm

I will always love France.Why?? The old stone farmhouses, the fields of lavender and sunflowers, the pure quaintness and character of the old towns perched on the hilltops, not to mention the passion the french have for food! this is why I  paint this place : the emotion I feel for the place seems to help to create the artwork.


French Nougat painting stages

Sometimes I remember to take photos of the different stages of a painting. Here are the stages of French Nougat.It is interesting to look back to see what took place. Sometimes when a painting goes astray you can see where you maybe should have stopped.

2013-09-23 09.16.10_resized

Background colourful wash with some darks added.

2013-09-23 12.25.29_resized

Lights ,windows,pots and sky added

2013-09-24 15.15.59_resized

Greenery and wall details added

2013-09-25 10.23.35_resized

Flowers added

2013-09-25 17.12.59_resized

Finishing touches. words etc

Colors of the French Riviera


This painting is off to Nice, France for a Christmas exhibition in Galleria Monteolivetto. It is a very abstract interpretation of the promenade De anglais( the waterfront street) The water colour is what strikes you in Nice. It is a pale aqau blue.

Arise Art

arise 2

Carlie’s (my daughter) painting on the wall

2013-09-09 11.47.01

His Passion and Love, acrylic


A night of worship, prayer and creative arts was held at Valori Expresso Lounge and Gallery on Friday 6th September including dance ,poetry and visual art. it was a wonderful celebration of the creativity gifted to us by our God.

Hamilton Island Art Classes

2013-07-13 11.50.35

This boy was a stand out student at my Hamilton Island children’s art classes.  Here he is standing with his finished painting in front of the Hamilton Marina. He has a promising creative future I’m sure. Over the 2 weeks I taught over 100 students both children and adults and enjoyed the warm winter weather of Northern Queensland.

Artist Residency

2013-07-09 13.51.56 2013-07-09 13.52.09 2013-07-09 13.52.19

I’m home from my time on Hamilton Island .Here are some photos of the gallery with my exhibition of paintings. I taught children in the mornings and adults in the afternoon (all up over 100 students) and sold 3 paintings. I had a most enjoyable time and had some visitors come and stay with me for some of the time which was great.

Nice Exhibition

That’s ‘Nice’ as in Nice, France. Here are some photos from the Art of the Prom exhibition which displayed the work I did during my artist residency.the work was a  mixed media piece called ‘Out of Antiquity’ made up of 12 small panels. I have included some closeups so you can see all the little bits of memorabilia collected during my stay that I integrated into the artwork.7870_592130637485953_1823141052_n 425186_592130330819317_1685072452_n 942847_592128040819546_1289571481_n 969461_592130537485963_349838222_n 969693_592128910819459_1316665761_n 971629_592130267485990_239857104_n 992852_592129037486113_1906188919_n 1000804_592128694152814_1807885600_n

Art of the Prom

invito art of the prom-2_1 copia (2)

The Artwork I produced during my artist residency went on display at a huge art show on the Promenade de Anglais in Nice, France from the 7th to the 9th June . The invite pictured here shows the promenade . I stayed  in a unit on this very promenade during my stay and  would walk along it each balmy evening. Many wonderful memories thanks to Galleria Monteoliveto with whom I did the residency.

Hamilton Island Exhibition

hamilton paintings 001

Catseye Beach, Hamilotn Island, acrylic, 30x25cm

I’m getting ready for my artist residency and exhibition on Hamilton Island in July. Trying to get lots of new painting done and reworking older pieces . Looking forward to it.

Hamilton Island Gallery

jan 2013 038

‘Around the Headland’, acrylic, 30x35cm

Hamilton Island Gallery has just accepted 3 of my works for their gallery… very exciting!
I may even get to do an artist residency there…we’ll have to wait and see. So I have been busy trying to do some more work suitable for Hamilton Island.  I have been there twice before and have heaps of photos, so have to get painting