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Villefranche sur mer

villafranche sur mer 001

Villefranche sur mer,acrylic,30x30cm

When I was going to France it was recommended that I visit this place on the southern coast of France. A very quaint little village where we tried the local food ‘socce’ and where we found an amazing street underground. We wandered along the waterfront with all its cafes and then up through the streets to the church.A paintings is always more meaningful if it is steeped with memories.

holiday europe with lyndie 132

the underground street


French Lavender for Christmas

‘Lavender Field, France’, acrylic, 30x30cm

Someone once said that I must love purple as I use it a lot in paintings. In fact my favorite colour growing up was green but that has changed to blue since green is such a problem to paint with. Here is another painting to prove that purple must be a close second favorite . It can be seen at the Christmas Exhibition at Valori Expresso Lounge and Gallery .It opens  Sunday  2nd December at 3pm and continues for the month of December. Everyone is welcome.

The Fishmongers Wife

‘Castle on the hill, France’, acrylic, 60x60cm

A new display of my paintings has just been installed at ‘The Fishmongers Wife’, Lytton Road,  East Brisbane . This painting of a castle and village in the south of France is there. It was painted from a photo I took during my artist residency in Nice . It is the view from Renoir’s home to the village of Cagnes.  A very abstracted view!

In Love With Colour

‘Sacre Coeur, Paris’ , acrylic, 60x60cm

My solo exhibition ‘In Love With Colour’ is on at Valori Expresso Lounge and Gallery at Scarborough for the month of February. It opens on the Sunday 12th February 4-6pm and everyone is welcome. Gallery hours otherwise are 8am-4.30pm everyday except Wednesday (closed )and Thursday ( only open in the morning). This painting came from my time in France last year for an Artist Residency.