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Seaview Gallery

‘Track to the Beach’, acrylic

We have  just had a week  watching the surfers in action at Caloundra. There is a track to the beach and rockpools at the southern end of Moffat beach  where the surfers walk down to catch the waves . I painted this track a while ago and recently added a surfer to this painting. I put it into Seaview Gallery at Moffat beach and someone bought it just before Christmas.  They must love this place as much as I do. To see more of my beachscapes click here.



‘Capri’, acrylic, 60x60cm, 2010

Another painting ready for the exhibition at ‘Rabottinis’ from 24th November  to 23rd December called ‘Prelude to Naples’. I have used photos from our latest trip to Italy as inspiration for this lot. This one is from our day trip to Capri , looking up the beach. The thing that strikes you when you go to Capri is the colour of the water.Stunning blues and aquas! See more Italy paintings here.

Exhibition Opening is the 28th November at 4pm but we will also be there for the Scarborough Christmas festival on the 4th Dec 12 -8pm.

Prelude to Naples

Amalfi Coast, acrylic, 2010

I have managed to secure a position in an exhibition in Naples next year. As a celebration of this, fellow artist, Leigh Gordon and myself will exhibit at Rabottinin’s,  109 Landsborough Avenue, Scarborough  from the 24th Nov to the 23rd December with an opening on the Sunday 28th Novemebr at 4pm. See more Italy paintings here.

Cylinder Beach Painting

‘Cylinder Beach’, 2008, mixed media, 61x46cm

My husband and son have just done a bike hike across Stradbroke Island last weekend and I am reminded  of the wonderful times we had camping over there at Cylinder Beach .  I remember standing on this beach and fishing for dart (sometimes named the cockroaches of the ocean but good eating none the less) using pippis we had dug up in the sand. We would walk around the headland and often see whales and dolphins out at sea .We’d go sandboarding down the dunes and swim at the beautiful beaches. I did this painting a couple of years ago and it reminds me of these wonderful family times.  More beachscapes here

Wind and Waves

Wind and Waves, 2009, acrylic, 153x60cm

When you sit under the sheoaks and listen to the wind through the leaves and the waves rush onto the shore ,its like a little taste of heaven. It is those times that I like to remember and so they are what I like to paint. This painting and 3 others went  into the Rotary Art Spectacular at the riverside centre from the 18th to the 27th March 2010. To see more beachscapes click here

Surf and Pandanus Palm painting

Through the Pandanus, acrylic and charcoal, 2009

On holidays I often sit in the shade of the pandanus palms and watch the kids surf or I sketch. It has to be pretty hot for me to swim!I collected some yellow seeds  off the ground one year and planted them in our pool yard and now we have a 1 metre pandanus palm growing by the pool. This painting along with 3 other of my works went on display at the Rotary Art Spectacular, Riverside Centre, Brisbane in March 2010 and was sold . For more beachscapes click here

Track to Moffat Beach

We have just had a week at Moffat Beach for Christmas and it was stunningly beautiful as usual. I love “Seaview Artist Gallery’ ,a little art gallery there and the sea breeze and  views of the beach from our balcony keep beckoning us back each year. I always come away inspired to paint yet another beach painting. This is a small painting of the track going down to the rockpools at the cliff end of moffat where the surfers go out to the waves.