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Roussillon, France


Roussillon, France,acrylic 30x30cm

I will always love France.Why?? The old stone farmhouses, the fields of lavender and sunflowers, the pure quaintness and character of the old towns perched on the hilltops, not to mention the passion the french have for food! this is why I  paint this place : the emotion I feel for the place seems to help to create the artwork.


French Nougat painting stages

Sometimes I remember to take photos of the different stages of a painting. Here are the stages of French Nougat.It is interesting to look back to see what took place. Sometimes when a painting goes astray you can see where you maybe should have stopped.

2013-09-23 09.16.10_resized

Background colourful wash with some darks added.

2013-09-23 12.25.29_resized

Lights ,windows,pots and sky added

2013-09-24 15.15.59_resized

Greenery and wall details added

2013-09-25 10.23.35_resized

Flowers added

2013-09-25 17.12.59_resized

Finishing touches. words etc

Colors of the French Riviera


This painting is off to Nice, France for a Christmas exhibition in Galleria Monteolivetto. It is a very abstract interpretation of the promenade De anglais( the waterfront street) The water colour is what strikes you in Nice. It is a pale aqau blue.

Arise Art

arise 2

Carlie’s (my daughter) painting on the wall

2013-09-09 11.47.01

His Passion and Love, acrylic


A night of worship, prayer and creative arts was held at Valori Expresso Lounge and Gallery on Friday 6th September including dance ,poetry and visual art. it was a wonderful celebration of the creativity gifted to us by our God.

Race Day

‘Race Day’, acrylic, 20x30cm

I was getting ready for Melbourne Cup and thought I’d have a go at doing a painting for it. It was one of those paintings that just worked without too much drama. I like the movement and the feeling that he is going at a cracking pace. Green Moon was the winner but I’m not sure he had a green shirt like mine.

Fitzroy Falls

‘And so we were late for lunch’, acrylic, 70x50cm

I am reading my Dad’s memoirs at the moment and he has a photo in it of Fitzroy Falls and a story that went with it. The story tells how he was late for lunch because he and his girlfriend were hanging about at the falls. This is how this painting got its title.

Cactus dahlias

‘Vase with Cactus Dahlias’, acrylic, 30x30cm

When I just want to play with colour I love to paint bowls of flowers . This one had some spiky yellow  flowers in them and I had to look them up to find out what they were called….cactus dahlias!! Not a very pretty name but  that’s what they were called!

Sunflowers in Italy

‘Sunflower field in Tuscany’, acrylic 30x30cm

I just love to paint Italy. Maybe I should have been Italian.  I love the Italian’ s emphasis on cooking and growing their own food.  Everywhere you look food is growing. Sunflowers I guess are food …seeds and oil …and a field of sunflowers all facing the sun are a sight to behold.


French paintings-finally!

‘Sunny Vine in France’,acrylic, 30x30cm

Well its been a year since I was in France doing an artist residency and at last I have started a french series from the many photos taken while there. This day we went to Cagnes and while walking through the village during siesta time we came across a huge grapevine straddling the alley way. Here is the photo I took.

Clear Water – Conservation and Restoration

‘Waterlily l, acrylic, 30x30cm’

Exhibition ‘Clear Water-Conservation and Restoration’ is opening  6-8pm Saturday 28th April at ‘ The Art Factory’ 84 Merivale St, South Brisbane.  A collective exhibition including paintings, sculpture and wearable art. All Welcome.