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Surfing Painting

Waiting for a Wave

‘Waiting for a Wave’, acrylic, 30x30cm

I don’t surf but my daughter does and I do know that she spends a deal of time waiting for the right wave. She get in position and sits with the other board riders and watches the coming waves to see if there is one just right for her and hopes to get  the perfect ride. This little painting  is for all those who love surfing .


Sandcastles, Boogie boards and Beach umbrellas

Sandcastles,Boogie boards and Umbrellas

‘Sandcastles, Boogie boards and Beach Umbrellas’, acrylic, 30x30cm

Its Christmas and New Year and with it each year brings family time at the beach. there is fun to be had with the boogie boards in the surf. the kids build sandcastles on the shore and the umbrellas keep us all from getting sunburnt. Precious times and great memories are made as we celebrate together and prepare for the coming year.

Moreton Island

‘Moreton Island’, acrylic, 60x120cm

This paintings brings back some wonderful camping memories .We would camp at Blue Lagoon, fish on the beach , cook over campfires , drive up to this lighthouse and walk along the cliffs looking down at the huge rays in the water below. Moreton is so close to Brisbane city and yet you feel a million miles away…just you , the ocean and its Creator !

Beach Day Series

‘Beach Day with Sails’,acrylic, 30x30cm

Lately I’ve been doing a ‘beach day series’ showing activities we enjoy while at  the beach. Emphasizing the colours of the beach and the simplicity of the shapes  ,I am giving hints to towels on the sand and sailing boats in the water.

Rotary Art Spectacular

‘Moreton Island’, acrylic, 60x120cm

The Rotary Art Spectacular is on again this year at the Riverside Centre and is a fabulous display of art from a huge number of artists covering the entire  ground floor of the building. If you are in Brisbane over the next week make sure you head over to the Riverside Centre in Eagle Street and have a look. Opening is tonight (a Gala cocktail opening that costs $50 ) or go any day for free from tomorrow until 15th April .  This is one of three painting I have in this exhibition.

Moffat Beach

‘Moffat Beach’, acrylic, 30x25cm

There is a special place in my heart for Moffat beach. Many happy Christmas holidays have been spent here with my family and one of my favorite galleries  is here, ‘Seaview Artist Gallery’. It is a great location as you can walk south over the headland to Shelly beach which feels almost isolated or walk north around the rocks to Dicky beach for a surf or swim. I don’t think I will ever tire of painting it. To see more beachscapes click here.

Cylinder Beach Painting

‘Cylinder Beach’, 2008, mixed media, 61x46cm

My husband and son have just done a bike hike across Stradbroke Island last weekend and I am reminded  of the wonderful times we had camping over there at Cylinder Beach .  I remember standing on this beach and fishing for dart (sometimes named the cockroaches of the ocean but good eating none the less) using pippis we had dug up in the sand. We would walk around the headland and often see whales and dolphins out at sea .We’d go sandboarding down the dunes and swim at the beautiful beaches. I did this painting a couple of years ago and it reminds me of these wonderful family times.  More beachscapes here

Wind and Waves

Wind and Waves, 2009, acrylic, 153x60cm

When you sit under the sheoaks and listen to the wind through the leaves and the waves rush onto the shore ,its like a little taste of heaven. It is those times that I like to remember and so they are what I like to paint. This painting and 3 others went  into the Rotary Art Spectacular at the riverside centre from the 18th to the 27th March 2010. To see more beachscapes click here