Muscovy Mother Duck

‘Muscovy Mother’, acrylic

I sold this painting recently at Seaside Artists Gallery and there is an interesting story to it. A few years ago the farmer in me bought 2 ducks and a drake for the backyard.Possibly not the wisest thing for a suburban block. They proceeded to be an extremely fertile triple and  we were soon overrun by ducklings. This paintings is from a photo of one of the mothers sittings with her 15 ducklings. We sold most of the cute ducklings to the pet shop but kept 4 of them only to find that they did not stay cute for very long  and coated most of the backyard with slippery,slimy fertilizer. Needless to say we felt a better place for them was the freezer. So safely in the frezeer they went and off we went  on holidays. While we were away a storm took out our electricity and we came home to a dreadful mess of thawed out ducklings from a defrosted fridge . Our ducklings had to be buried in the backyard. The mother ducks and drake were relocated to acreage and I’m sure have had a few more ducklings since.


About julie wecker

I am a landscape artist living in queensland. I work mainly in acrylics but also in oils and mixed media. I believe my art is a gift from God and want to use my work to uplift people . View all posts by julie wecker

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